Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just for Grampy

The computer and internet is one of the biggest blessings to missionaries by allowing us to keep in contact with our families back home.  Our internet connection in the village is usually too low to call and talk a lot of times so we cherish the times when we have a good enough connection to do skype calls...especially video.  Each time we get to talk to my dad on the phone, the girls ALWAYS ask him to sing to them.  And recently, he made a video of their favorite song for those times when he can't.  They want to listen to it ALL of the time.  Because our connection has been so low, my dad asked if I would copy them watching it so he could see them too.  So, dad.  This is for you. :)  They watched it as soon as they got up....and keep watching it.  Now, Anna can tell you exactly what grampy is going to do next.

If you'd like to watch his video, go to youtube and type in "Think I'm Gonna Go to Vacation Bible School".  My dad wrote the song and my brother was in charge of filming and editing.  I think they did an excellent job. :)


  1. Ok, well this is now Keenan's favorite movie!
    He loves watching the videoss you put up of them.
    Too cute, and what a great idea for keeping connected!

  2. I love watching the video of the girls watching the video of me! Now, my favorite! I'll have Luke video me watching the video of the girls watching the video of me. Then you can video the girls watching the...awww, never mind.



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