Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Here

Not just us, but also all of the people in our church.  I heard another missionary say once that after salvation is when the work really just begins.  So, we covet your prayers as our church is made up of baby christians, with the exceptions of Valentina (who is more in the toddler stage) and Lina (our blessing inherited from two other missionaries).  Sometimes it seems like we are just too young (soon we won't be able to say that) to be given such huge responsibilities, but if the Lord gives us the responsibility, He will provide the strength and the wisdom.  These baby christians are just like our kids...they seem to only get sweeter and become more of a blessing the more they grow...we just have to put the time into "training".

Anna has been especially sweet and becoming more of a help and a blessing with each passing day.  She loads and unloads the washer by herself and has even started sweeping the floors!  The other day she woke up a little before Lydia so I let her come out with me.  I gave her her little play makeup case while I did my makeup.  When she finished she looked at me and said, "Princessa."  THIS is what she looked like:

She offered to share with me, but I declined.  (Excuse the hair...we hadn't gotten around to that yet.)

Wednesday night services moved back to the church in the city, which has been working out very well.  Everyone seems to be enjoying it more.  The last time we had services at our house, though, we lost electricity right before everyone got here.  The girls loved the candles so much that they probably wished that we were always without electricity (it also means they get to play with Papa's flashlight).  I am SO grateful that we really haven't lost it much lately this fall as I feel I have done my share of hand washing.

After passing out tracts last week, we all went to the zoo.  I've been terrible with the camera lately, but managed to get a few pictures.

Impossible to get them all to look at the same time.
Pretty Lydia
Pretty Anna with a swollen, black and blue lip. 
She fell and bit her lip last Wednesday.  

Can't help but post a couple pictures of my little man.  He is such a good little guy...even though you wouldn't be able to tell by this next picture.  He looked so cute in the overalls that I had to post it.

Next week we head to Kiev to apply for Sammy's US birth certificate, etc.  We usually have no problems with the embassy, but it is a very, long trip (9 hr train ride).  Thankfully, we will only be traveling during the day and renting a hotel room there.

We also received two boxes from Victory Baptist Church in Sutherlin, VA and, as you can see, the girls were pretty excited. 

New socks!


  1. so happy to hear from you again. I look forward to your posts. Glad to know that you are making a difference in the lives of people there.
    How exciting to get a package! Those are special times and memories. Enjoy!
    You kids are always just so cute. Baby Samuel is sure getting big quickly...time goes by so fast.
    Happy fall to you :)

  2. Your little man is getting so big!

  3. Your children are adorable! I'm praising God that you & your husband are there to disciple and raise up your baby church family and they are not left to themselves. Blessings!



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