Sunday, September 26, 2010

After 10 Hours on A Train...

...this is what happens:

Our trip to Kiev went smoothly and Eric should be able to pick up Sammy's passport in about a week.  Praise the Lord!  And even though I sometimes don't understand, it is so nice to get back to my "primarily Russian speaking" life.  It's weird, but I always feel so awkward at the embassy with so many Americans and I catch myself staring at the "English speaking people".  I feel much more comfortable with our little group of believers and with the Ukrainian people we are trying to reach.  The bond through Jesus Christ is much stronger than the bond of a language. 

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

The girls "sitting" Ukrainian style.
They kept their balance very well for being on a rickety old train!

By the fountain in front of the Kharkov train station.
Almost HOME!


  1. Love the last picture in front of the water fountain. I'm sure you are glad to be home :) The Russian language is very pretty to me. When we are in the states, I really miss it. Only God can make a strange language and a foreign country feel like HOME.

  2. That video is so cute! I love it!!!!
    What were they singing about?
    Do the girls speak Russian as well as English? What do they use primarily?

  3. So glad everything went well for you all. I think your comment about being more comfortable with your church family is confirmation that God has you right where He wants you to be. Blessings!

  4. Rachel W. I totally agree! I missed hearing it so much when I was in the states last year.

    Rachel C. I have no clue what they are singing. They sometimes make up their own language...maybe because they hear different languages all of the time (besides just Russian and English)? They go back and forth between both languages pretty freely. Sometimes incorrectly, but there have been times when Anna has spoken Russian gramatically better than me!

    Deb, True and also I believe God gives christian a type of fellowship that the world cannot understand.

  5. It's amazing the love God gives you for the people (and their language) He has called you to. I'm so glad everything worked out well for Sammy's passport... oh the fun of having babies overseas! :-)



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