Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pulling Weeds and Drinking Tea

If you were to ask what kind of week it has been, that would probably be my response.  It has held a lot of bad, ugly, sad things but it has also had many good, sweet blessings.  There have also been a few times it has felt like our time here is just a waste and we really aren't doing any good...then I just turn back to God and say, "Lord, no matter what happens or if it seems like absolutely nothing is happening, I will still serve you."  So, where do I start?  I guess at the beginning.

We had planned a Family Day on Saturday for people in our church and for their friends and families who are not saved, but Eric was called over to Yuri and Christina's on Friday morning.  Christina, under the influence of her neighbor and probably her sister, was drinking by the river on Thursday night.  After which, she got in a fight and punched her sister, Ina.  We love this couple dearly and just ask that you pray for them.  We also ask your prayers for Ina and Valodia, as we have no way of contacting them now that they are no longer living at Yuri's (they have no phone).  They seemed very interested in the Bible lessons...though some are saying that they, and Yuri and Christina, were just trying to use us.  To us, we are willing to be used a little in order that they hear the Gospel.  This has been the biggest thing on our hearts and minds this week.  Any time we have problems like this in the church, God always uses it to strengthen the group of believers which stays.  And Sunday some might leave, as Eric has a strong message addressing the hypocrisy in our church.  Some of our "older" christians have allowed things in their lives that are casting stumbling blocks for the baby Christians and may be even hindering the salvation of others.  We are praying that God's will be done and if we stand alone...
  " for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

The church isn't the only place that needed some weed pulling.  The whole yard was covered in weeds/grass taller than me!  This particular one (ambrosia, I think) was quite a bit taller than Eric and thicker than my wrist!  Not only does the yard look better, but, with a little siding, the house is looking GREAT!  (Soon a new room for the kids...which means I might actually get a "dining" room table!)

The new addition!

I invited the neighbor, Sveta, and her daughters over for tea on Thursday.  She and the youngest were not able to make it because the baby didn't sleep well that night and had just fallen a sleep about the time of the tea party, but her daughter Nastia came.  I was a little disappointed at first, but I'll try again later.  I don't know if it will be a weekly thing or not, but I'm planning on having "tea parties", inviting different neighbors at different times.  This last time, Valentina had just gotten back from 1 week to the sea and 4 weeks to Russia (BOY were we glad to see her!), and I had her here too.
Nastia and Anna...and NO it was not cold. 
Nastia wanted to go back inside and
said that it was too cold outside. 

For the past few months, I've been going around taking pictures of EVERYTHING and working on the computer to put verses on some of the pictures.  Eric and I have really wanted to have scripture around the house, but we also wanted it in Russian.  Just yesterday we got back the first of the prints and I'm pretty excited at how they turned out.  (The verse is John 15:5)

And this is what I did with my copy...

(The wall is actually green...that is how
bad of a photo this is.)
Ladies at church will be able to win copies by memorizing and saying the verse on each picture.

Lasty, a picture of our "Sammy Boy".  He is growing so fast and is becoming more handsome each day.


  1. I'm a Senior Missions major in Bible College and have been following your blog for a while now... I love reading your blog and seeing what the life of a missionary wife is like. =) I will be praying! ~Amanda

  2. Hey, Jessica! I just re-visited your blog a few days ago and realized you had added a subscription box... Yeah! So, I signed up and this post is the first that I received into my inbox. I am SO glad that I can stay current now with what is going on in your life. I find so little time to blog-hop, but somehow always find time to read what comes into my inbox, so I am thrilled about keeping up! Guess you will be getting comments often from me now. :)

    Your little boy is just precious... especially sleeping and sucking his thumb. What a doll!

  3. Oh Jess! I'll pray more fervently for your ministry! I am so thankful to have this personal insight into your life on the field. Whether you see it or not you and your family are doing a wonderful work there. You are such a blessing!!

  4. Thank you all for your prayers. We greatly appreciate them.
    Jolene, looking forward to your comments and even more to your pictures of your precious one to come. (And a few belly pictures. I'm sure you'll be adorable.)

  5. May God give you and your husband wisdom and discernment in all that is going on. I have missed reading your blog as we have been moving but am glad that I can now keep up.



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