Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Afternoon at our House

"No, no, no, Papa.  Anna wants the goat."  Anna said seriously as Eric shooed a little goat away from our doorway. 

We don't know how he found his way into our yard, or how long he has been there (our yard with all of its nice long weeds is probably very enticing to a hungry, little goat)...he may have even been put there on purpose, to help us "mow" our lawn down a litte.  We've had it happen before.

Wish I had a picture to share of our little visitor as he chomped on weeds or maybe of Anna seriously concerned that the goat needed to stay or else he would be hungry (Eric had told her that he was hungry and thats why he had come to our yard.), but I guess imagination will have to do this time.  Thought you might enjoy it anyway for it's not often you have a goat come for a visit.

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