Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Kitchen

What has been keeping me busy these days (besides my new little man:))? My NEW KITCHEN! For the past almost year (WOW has it really been THAT long since we moved into this house?), I have been washing my dishes in buckets, not so gentle on the back. Slowly, my enthusiasm for cooking waned to almost nothing. I was thinking that maybe it was the heat, but the near 100 degrees weather hasn't been stopping me lately! Eric ordered the cabinets 2 weeks before Sammy was born thinking it would help me with my desire for more order. I am SO thankful that he did! The baskets under the table were always overflowing with things...especially since the girls help put away the dishes. (They put away their laundry too, so we won't be taking any pictures of their drawers. At least now they get the clothes in the right drawer.)

Here is a BEFORE picture:

And (drum roll) here is my NEW KITCHEN:

Isn't it cute? It has added so much more space to our house! The girls absolutely love "our" ("You have to share, Mama.") new kitchen and are always wanting to sit up on the cabinet and help me cook and wash dishes. (Before I got my cabinets, I had decided that I was going to have kids sitting on them helping me cook and clean because of this blog. I just recently found out that it's not culturally proper to do this, but we love the time together so much that I don't think we can go back now!) Don't worry...I wash the counter top afterwards!

Well, really should be going. ALL of my three little ones are sleeping, and I should probably be too. Just waiting for the zucchini bread to get out of the oven.

P.S. Have you seen our new van?? So many new things happening here lately that I can't keep up with it all! It has been a HUGE blessing to have our own vehicle to transport people (and us) to church on Sundays instead of having to rely on a rented one. Eric posted a picture on our ministry blog.


  1. so happy that you got the new cabinets. It makes your kitchen so cute! I let my girls cook and wash with me also...dreaming of the day I can say, “go wash the dishes” and it actually happens! :)

  2. Your kitchen is just perfect! So happy that you have all set up nicely.
    Glad to hear things are going well with Sammy's papers!
    Also, thanks for the information about the pictures. Sure have enjoyed using it :) LOTS OF FUN!

  3. It's so bright and crisp! I love it! May God bless you with very special times in it...

  4. Enjoyed "seeing" your house. So cute. And especially enjoyed "seeing" your 3 little ones. So precious. Have a great week. Mrs. K.



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