Monday, May 17, 2010

Ramblings of A Pregnant Woman

....whose brain has a Russian overload.

Because of that, I probably should not be typing, but I thought that maybe if I type out my overloads I'll be able to think clearly before Eric gets home. (He's been giving a Bible lesson to Oksana today, then had to come pick up Natalia and bring her back to the city.)

A Little from TODAY:
Natalia called me Saturday night and said that she would like to stop by for a visit. For those who don't know, she is my Russian teacher...though I'm not sure if I have had even one lesson this year. I should have known that it would be impossible for a teacher to stop by her students house without having a lesson, but I was hoping. We met her at the train station around 3 and she left around 7:30. First off, I AVOID at ALL cost being out at that time of day. Not only do I have a very hard time with the heat, but the heat also seems to change my sweet little Anna-bell...besides the fact that she had to walk about 30 minutes to get there. After talking for a while, she pulled out the books. So between cooking supper, setting up different activities for the girls, bathtime, etc., we had our Russian lesson. I enjoy the fact that I can speak more correctly after the lessons but it's SO hard to balance lessons and being a mommy.

A Little about TOMORROW:
Tomorrow I have to go see my doctor again. I say have because I am not at all looking forward to it. I know she's not going to be very happy with me because she told me to come in last week, but I wasn't able to. Also I did not do all of the tests she asked me to because my former doctor advised me again one. (Even though I think this hospital is probably the nicest looking one I've been in, though still just cement walls and floors lined with wooden benches, my previous doctor seems so much more up to date medically.) Eric is going to drive me so I'm kinda hoping he can come in and help pacify some of her wrath. I'm hoping that there are not too many people in line so we can get in and out quickly because if it doesn't take too long Eric said that he would take me to look at kitchen cabinets. YAY! It would be so nice to have the kitchen in order before the baby comes.

Special Finds:
Eric brought me out to buy curtain rods the other day and guess what I found? A glue gun! I was so excited. Now I just need to find something to use it on.

Thing I can't live with out right now:
SUNFLOWER SEEDS. MMMMMM. Can't seem to keep them in the house. It doesn't seem to matter how sick I may be of them at the end of the day, by the time I wake up - before I even get out of bed - I'm craving a nice, big bag of them...shelled, of course. A lady wouldn't eat them with the shells....unless she was pregnant with no other options AND no one was around.

Well, guess that's about it for now. Tired, content and going to go meet my love at the door. (Not just because he's bringing me sunflower seeds either. ;))

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