Monday, April 26, 2010

Poland Trip - First Days

Our trip began with a 9 hour train ride to Kiev. And, since it was a Thursday, one of the things that took up some of that time was our Thursday Tea Party...except with juice and sandwich stuff instead of cookies and tea. Dear Lina, knowing that this was something I was wanting to do and that I hadn't had time to buy the napkins, etc., went out of her way to find us the cute cups and stuff. Lydia didn't end up eating or drinking too much because she was too interested in playing with her plate.

The whole time we were on the train and in the taxi on the way to the airport I was craving an apple. I almost asked Eric to stop at one of the fruit stands along the road. While we were waiting at the airport, a lady sat down beside me and started talking to the girls and I. She told us that she had been reading the Bible, but didn't understand it and had also just met another Baptist. We told her that we didn't believe that was just a coincidence. We didn't get to talk to her for very long but she accepted the tract we gave her and before we left she gave us two oranges and an APPLE!

When we reached Poland, we were met by Mr. Johnson. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson have been missionaries to Poland for about 17 years! They were a huge blessing to us during our stay and helped us in any way that they could. Since their children and grandchildren live in the states, they spoiled our girls a little while we were there...and us. (They treated us to Pizza Hut the day after we arrived. MMMMM)

(Pictured above) Mr. Johnson treating the girls to a ride at the mall. Anna's friend is their co-workers' (the Glass family) daughter. After the "carriage ride", the Johnsons brought over a special cart for the girls to play in while waiting at the mall. (Pictured below)

Due to all of the rain while we were in Poland, we were forced to buy an umbrella. Anna LOVED walking around with it. Not only was she cute as she paraded around carrying it, but it was funny seeing people stop, stare, bend over trying to see who was under that huge, hot pink umbrella.

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  1. The Johnsons and the Glasses?!?! They took care of us, too. I think we were there just a few weeks before you.



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