Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tea Party

With all that has been going on here, banquet (Valentine Banquet pictures are on our ministry blog), "wedding", regular church activities, pregnancy checkups/looking for a hospital, planning upcoming visa trip....I could tell that my girls were starting to feel a little deprived of attention. So, I decided to plan a special time just for them on Thursday. When they went down for their afternoon naps, the preparations began. I started by fixing my hair and makeup, and pulled out one of the prettiest outfits that accommodates my ever expanding waistline. :) If anyone had knocked on the door, they would have wondered where I was headed to all dressed up. To a tea party with two of the 3 most precious people in my life (the 1st most precious was in the city working on our trip to renew our visas)! Here are a few pictures from our little tea party. Hope you enjoy them! (Just ignore the un-emptied trash, overflowing baskets, messy table and stove...they were taken care of before Eric got home...ummmm, all except the stove...and baskets.)

All prettied up, hair in a bun...just didn't change the tights.

Is it possible to sit beside a piano and not touch it?

Now every time I say we need to get dressed pretty for the day, Anna talks about a tea party. Looks like this will be a weekly event for us. :)


  1. Cute, cute, cute! You're a great Mommy, Jessica! =)

  2. How precious! Everyone looks soo pretty! Great job creating memories they will remember for a long time!

  3. Good for you! they look beautiful and happy! Now point that camera at yourself so we can see where they get those smiles... great job, Jess!

  4. Thanks you guys! Maybe Eric can get a picture of all three of us dressed up next time for you Kelly. :)



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