Monday, February 15, 2010

Brace, Banquet and Baby :)

Whew! It has been one busy month! Right now, my mind is so wound that I'm not sure I can unscramble things enough for you to understand, but here goes.

Anna is doing excellent and her brace came off today. She was so excited that she started diving on the couch! Not sure how we are going to keep her from braking something else...bubble wrap still sounds like a good idea. ;)

We had our Valentine's banquet/services on Sunday and also congratulated Yuri and Christina as they got married on Friday! There were at least 6 people there who were not saved. Eric preached a strong salvation message. Pray that God will use His Word to work upon the hearts of those who attended. Lina's husband, Dema, also came. This is the first time that he has come to any of our services or special events. Can't wait to share pictures with you...both of the banquet and of Yuri and Christina getting married.

The pregnancy is going well. It feels so nice to pretty much be past the "morning sickness" (or more like "all day sickness" for me). Tomorrow, I go to the women's doctor in the village to try to get registered at this region's hospital. A little nervous because you are techinically supposed to be registered by 13 weeks (I'm 20). We waited so long hoping that something would work out for me to get registered with the doctor I had when pregnant with Anna and Lydia. Eric met the doctor today and said she seemed very nice, but I'm still hoping I can use my doctor. Not only am I comfortable with her, but she is also very pro-natural birthing. She also let me get out of doing many of the "required" tests that the hospital told me to do. I know that whatever happens though, God is in control and I don't need to worry. When we first came over, I cried almost every time I left visiting a hospital. The differences were so huge compared to what I had been used to and so many laws of what we legally could do. Especially after visiting the hospital, I desired to have my baby at home but was told this was not possible. God heard my cry and allowed me to not only have one home birth, but TWO! It is with this that I know I can rest in His plan for me and our next baby. But I would still appreciate your prayers as sometimes the cultural differences can be frustrating, more so while pregnant.

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