Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our 1st Ladies' Meeting

{Here in the village, anyways.}

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting to hear how everything went and I'm so sorry that it has taken me an entire week to update you.

The Lord blessed and we had (I think) 12 ladies come, not including the girls and I!  How exciting is that?!  Our theme was "Have You Seen Yourself In God's Mirror?"

While I was waiting for Eric to bring the ladies, I thought I would take a few pictures for you, but, AHHH!  I had forgotten to charge my camera batteries!  I still managed a few quick shots before it completely died.  Eric was running all over the place that morning and still lovingly ran home to get my old camera.

We started by playing the game "What's in the bag?"  The ladies stuck their hands inside of the bag and had to guess what beauty items were in the bag.

 (Olya is the lady with the cream sweater and red phone hung around her neck.)

The second game we played was Design a Dress using only toilet paper.  Our models were Anna and Lydia.

After a delicious meal, made mostly by Lina and her mom, Lina and I put on a skit for the ladies.  It was of a lady who did not feel so beautiful and in an attempt to attain beauty, followed tips she heard would make her beautiful - refusing a mirror. 

I used this as a starting point for the devotional in which I compared that to us striving to be righteous but refusing to see ourselves through the mirror of God.  I did not actually see myself until the end of the devotional.  In closing I read James 1:22-25, and demonstrated the passage by walking up to a mirror looking at myself and shockingly exclaiming, "WOW!  I look pretty awful!"  I then walked and talked about how crazy it would be for me to see myself like that, then go to the store like all was in order and to a party, giving someone makeup advice while I was there.

Most of the ladies who attended are not saved and my desire is that they will not only look God's mirror and see themselves in need of a Savior, but also to repent and ask Jesus to save them.  I would like to ask you to specifically pray for a lady named Olya who is almost done with her salvation Bible lessons, that God would open her eyes and she would be saved.  Also, continue to pray for our neighbor, Sveta and her daughters (Nastia, Masha and Katya).  They were not able to come that day but she has let the older two girls come to Sunday school the past few weeks.  Anna is so excited as this is an answer to prayer for her.  She prays for them daily.


  1. Sounds like a great first meeting! I'll be praying for the ladies you mentioned. I am hoping to host our first ladies meeting the end of May. Right now I'm planning the decorations and praying about a devotional! Very Excited but SO Nervous!

  2. Great looking group of ladies, and I just loved your theme idea and decorations! You did a great job, Jessica!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. What a blessing! You put so much love and work into this and it shows. Your ladies look as if they aren't used to a lot of pampering like we spoiled Americans are. I'm so glad that you could do this for them, and I'll pray that your love with help share the love of Jesus with them. What a special touch to involve your sweet little girls with them. So excited to hear that you have another girl on the way!!! And truly, you look so beautiful, Jessica. So tiny and so vibrant! You bless me. :)

  4. Such an exciting report!!! I love your theme and devotional. What a challenge! Your decorations were gorgeous!!! They brought everything together beautifully. Praying that your efforts will bear fruit.



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