Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ladies' Meeting

This is from the recent ladies' meeting I taught at our church.  We have such an amazing group of ladies' and I already miss them. 

The theme was Proverbs 14:1.  I printed and framed this picture for prizes.

The decorations weren't much, but something to add to the monthly ladies' meeting.

We started by building homes...but they didn't stay together too well.  These were the winners.
The bottom one started to collapse as I snapped the picture.

Can you guess what this game represented?
Well, they did too and NO ONE wanted to be the foolish woman who destroyed her home so by the end quite a few of the ladies' were playing like this... (forgot to mention the rules ahead of time)
Candy, the sweet lady in the background, was the winner.  She was the last one to pull a block without the structure falling.

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