Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unfocused...but Ready?

If you haven't noticed, computer time has been cut WAY down.  Since Eric got back, we have been rushing around trying to get things ready for the baby.  Not only did I not have a single outfit for our little guy but there were other things we had to get since we are having a home birth.  Finally I think everything is in order.  

The girls and I have also been visiting the nursing home with Eric's Aunt Trisha on Wednesdays as well.  First we stop by some individual rooms to visit, sing and recite some verses.  Afterwards we meet in a little room to do a Bible lesson and more singing.  I have loved being able to help and getting a chance to play the piano.  I only managed one picture of the girls with a sweet, Christian lady named Madeline.

Walmart has become less intimidating, though I still prefer the smaller Walmart to the Super Walmart.  I also found a really nice children's thrift store which I am in love with.  Anna was especially excited because they had a long, pretty "princess" dress (Christmas plaid on bottom, black velvet on top) which she had specifically prayed for.

Any spare time I have has been spent devouring books.  I think my book wish list is about a mile long.  Even though I feel SO blessed to have the internet and be able to read almost anything I want there, there is nothing quite like holding a book in my hands.  Not that I need my wish list any longer, but I'd LOVE to know of any good books you are reading now.  Also, we are planning on buying some homeschool books while in the states and I would love your opinions.  My husband is leaning towards just sticking with one curriculum and he is leaning towards Abeka, but he also supports any other suggestions I make.  It feels like such a big responsibility and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed.  I'm leaning towards mixing different things, but when I am overwhelmed, just consider going with Abeka.  Would love any advice, tips and suggestions you have.

Well, think I'm going to close for now as Eric just came in and my mind is unfocused now.


  1. I have been thinking about you so much lately and have been wondering if you sweet baby has arrived! Glad you're doing great and that you're all together. Let me know what books you're really enjoying. I'm in a book slump. I feel like I know the ending in the first chapter. Know what I mean?
    As far as advice for schooling...I'll give you mine. I'm not a teacher. Not one bit. I'm so thankful my husband is able to tutor the kids when needed! So, knowing that, I choose whole curriculums. We've done Abeka and loved it! Now, we're doing ACE and love it, too. It works very well for us. When Silas and Callie start school I'll do Abeka DVD with them until High School.
    So glad you were able to update!
    Your sister in Christ,

  2. Hi, Jessica!
    I stumbled across your blog awhile back, and I love reading your posts. (The pics of your kids are adorable!) My family has been homeschooling for many years, and we love it! I'm in 11th grade, and my sister is in 7th. We do A Beka video streaming, although it is very labor-intensive as the years go along. There are many easier curriculums out there that take less time, but we feel like the education is second to none. It's really whatever works for your family though. Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Cassidy Hedger
    Sacramento, CA

  3. IF you can get the DVDs to go with the program, I would recommend A Beka all of the way! My husband (who was homeschooled with ACE) and I (who went to a Christian school with traditional teachers, that had A Beka, Bob Jones, and Saxon mixed) are constantly in AWE at how much our children are learning from this program. Spiritually AND academically they are on a higher level than either of us ever could have imagined.

  4. I love to talk about homeschooling! Since you asked...

    Personally, Abeka would drive me crazy. It seems like SO much. The missionary family we know who uses it seems to be always drowning in school. I'm sure they're getting a good, American education, but I couldn't handle the volume and the rigidity for young children.

    Of course, if your husband does decide on Abeka, then it will be just what your family needs. :-) I'd just encourage you--if he's willing and you still have different desires--to look at other options, at least for the early years.

  5. my school does Abeka, and i like it better than any other i've had.

  6. One more question. Is this your first homebirth? I am so excited for you that you found a good midwife! I know that can be tricky when looking for one! I absolutely love homebirths and I'm so excited for you!

  7. By the way, "drowning in school" was probably too negative. Sorry about that. I just meant that they seem to do school all day every day, year round, and they still feel like they're behind!

    One main complaint I read about the curriculum we use is that it's too advanced, and I never have to put into it anything like the amount of time the Abeka family we know does.

  8. P.S. Do you know anyone who uses Heart of Dakota? I don't, but I liked what I saw online.

  9. Or My Father's World? That's what I would choose myself, if I were going to buy something.

    I'm praying for you and the sweet baby!

  10. Jessica,
    I found your blog through Jolene Sloan. I hope you don't mind my input on homeschooling...we started off with ABeka for their phonics which is the best learn-to-read curriculum out there. We are transitioning (by second grade) to Apologia science and Tapestry of Grace history and language arts since we like the literature based learning and we can reuse pretty much everything for all four of our kids. It is an expensive initial investment, but turns out that it will be about half as expensive as ABeka videos if you do it for all 12 years. These curriculums are also more of a one room schoolhouse philosophy so you can school all your children at one time...much more time efficient. Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more in your decision! God bless you and your family as you serve Him.
    Maran Daley

  11. Found your blog through a link somewhere...and am a m-wife in Nepal (with four children, 10-8-6-4). I recommend SONLIGHT for a family-friendly, thorough, enjoyable education. Research Charlotte Mason for a good theory of education. I'd be glad to talk "shop" any time!




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