Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Waiting

And on an emotional roller coast with pre labor contractions (pre labor sounds so much better than false labor, don't you think?) coming and going.  Words are a little bit scrambled lately and I am starting to slow down.  I think I become a little more reclusive the closer I get.  SO, he could come any day...then again, he may decide to wait a little longer to brave meeting his noisy brother and sisters. ;)

Between contractions, we have been keeping very busy.  I forgot how busy things are in the states around Christmas!  The kids are LOVING all of the Christmas decorations and frequently yell out "Christmas on my side!" when driving.  Anna is constantly saying, "Beautiful!"  Last weekend (at least I think it was last weekend...not doing so well at keeping up with time), we all went with Grampy and Grammy to pick out their tree.  The girls were giddy the entire time.

Then we all decorated the tree (well, everyone except for Eric and Uncle Travis)...

...and grampy.

Pretty girls. :)
Anna kept saying she wanted to bring the tree back to Ukraine with us to our house.  Christmas in America has been fun for the girls, but I'm also thankful for our simple, Christmases in Ukraine - without all of the flashing lights, Santa Clauses and abundant presents.  A time when we can simply remember the birth of Christ.


  1. That picture of you and your honey is a keepsake!

    My Nate was standing near the computer and just loved Grampy's "crown of thorns," as he called it (the lights on his head). LOL!

    Looking forward to hearing of your wonderful news soon...

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  2. I keep checking in to see if he is here :), so I figured I should say "Hi" while I am here. Praying continually for you and your little one.
    I agree with Jolene, that top picture is a keepsake :).

  3. I am so glad that you continue to write while you are in the states. I would sure miss you if you didn't post.
    All these pictures are great....especially the one of you and your hubby. Pictures capture so many memories ♥
    I agree that Christmas time in the states can get too hectic. We stay busy here doing things, but it really is more of a simple Christmas. I like that!
    Since you are in the states this year, I am glad you have opportunity to spend time with family and experience some of the things you don't get to while on the field. My two youngest kids don't even know what a Christmas tree lot is....my older boys only remember going once (to Home Depot) with my parents to get a tree.
    Sure am anxious to see a post announcing the new arrival.
    Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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