Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where are We???

If you are a little confused as to where exactly we are right now, I'm sorry...I'm still trying to figure that out myself.  (Okay.  Not really, but it is taking some time to get myself together.)  The week after we arrived in the states, Eric's parents called and said that they had room for us, knew a christian midwife and wanted to come get us.  SO...after a looong car ride, we are safely in Maine.  The Lord has just been blessing again and again and we are looking forward to spending the holidays with family.  And, if you notice my little ticker on the side, it's not too much longer now until we will be welcoming our little guy.  I will be meeting with the midwife tomorrow and I can't wait.  I found out that she and her husband were not only good friends of Eric's parents (they were in his parents' wedding), but that they had also been missionaries until the Lord brought them back to the states because of health problems.  I'm just amazed at how the Lord has brought everything together.  Now, just waiting for Papa to come home in 3 more weeks...at least, praying our little guy will wait. ;)

When we arrived in Maine, there was still a little bit of snow on the ground.  The kids had a blast playing in it while it lasted.  I cannot believe how warm it has been in Maine! 

The view behind the house is absolutely breathtaking and I don't begin to do it justice...the rock wall, the rolling moutains, the sunsets...beautiful!

The kids have loved having time with Grammy and she is loving every minute with them as well.

Sam is enjoying having a buddy to hang with...Him and Uncle Trav "playing  basketball".

They love cuddling with great gram as well and love helping her search for words.

Whenever Uncle Travis heads out to work, they think they need to help.

The Lord has answered so many prayers and one of the ones He recently answered was for a van.  It has been such a blessing!  Anna was SHOCKED when I got behind the wheel and asked "Mom, are you ACTUALLY going to drive???"  And she is also offering driving advice.  When we were in Virginia, I started pointed out stop signs to her and talking about them.  She makes sure that I stop at every single one now.  The first time I stopped at one, then continued driving.  In a concerned voice she said, "Mom, it's a stop sign.  You're supposed to stop."  After I told her that I stopped, now I can go she replied, "The sign says stop, Mama.  Not go."  hmmmm.  Think we need to explain that one more.

Well, this post has taken me about 2 weeks to write and I know Papa's dying to see some pictures so I guess it's time to just post.  Computer time is rare lately so guess I need to just push the perfectionist aside and get you caught up a little. 


  1. So glad to hear from you again! Been missin' ya out here in blogosphere. :-)

    I LOVED the picture of the dandelion and Sammy in the background... great photography, my friend!

    Praying for you and that little one. Especially praying that Daddy will make it in time to be with you!


  2. Hello Jessica, I've been meaning to write.Just wanted you to know that i'm praying for you...it's never easy being far from home and far from "daddy". So glad to see how God is providing!
    Patty Sommer



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