Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going to America!

That is what Anna excitedly told every person she came in contact with...she was going to America to see Pastor Rhew (our Pastor).  They were pretty good travelers and loved watching all of the airplanes.

When we got to America, this is what was waiting for us...

Our church family was super sweet and showered us with all kinds of blessings.

The night we arrived, they had a harvest party.  Anna had been waiting the entire trip to be able to play with all of the kids and couldn't understand how they could be sleeping when we pulled up at the church 3 AM that morning.  She absolutely LOVED it and participated in every game she could.
Popping a balloon.

Lydia and Sammy were a little overwhelmed by all of the people,
but we did get Lydia to participate in one game... involved candy. ;)

And I will try to keep the pictures coming!


  1. So glad you made it safely! And, your picture of the missing toothbrush caught me off guard and really made me laugh!!! :-)



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