Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Every Day

The girls have been getting a little spoiled around here the past week.  So far we have had three Christmas boxes come in!  New Year's Eve we received a huge box from Eric's parents filled with all kinds of wrapped toys and gifts for us.  Here is a quick video for them of when we first opened the box.  It cuts off at the end because my camera battery died.  I took more with Eric's phone, but he hasn't had time to transfer it to the computer yet.  What I really wish is that I had the camera on when Eric first walked through the doors.  Anna was jumping and dancing and squealing with delight. 

The kids got tons of stuffed animals, a tea set, DVDs, a little cooking I said, they are spoiled.  We weren't left out either, though.  Eric got a flashlight that doesn't need batteries, a laser leveler...also a ton of stuff.  For me they sent some necklaces, books, a kitchen decoration, some super soft socks...did I mention books? :)  We love you guys SO much!  Thank you!  (Tell Travis Eric says he has good taste in candy.)

Then on Thursday, we received 2 of the 3 boxes our church sent filled with CheezIts, Baked Lays (my favorite), Reeses Pieces and cups, Walmart Smiles....I think I've already gained 10 lbs.  The parasites are really going to love us now!  But they also sent us black walnut to help get rid of the parasites, so maybe it will even out all of the junk.  I was most excited about the cookie cooling racks.  I've been wanting those ever since we got here, then forgot to buy them when I was in the states because of everything that was going on.  Anna was excited about the books (it runs in the family) and barely noticed the food, until Eric pulled out the Oatmeal cream pies, even then she couldn't put down the books.  Lydia just sat by Eric hoping he would share some of the spoil with her.  Thank you Grace Baptist Temple!

Tea party with papa ~ New tea cups & mint oreos

Anna gave Papa the blue cup because "blue is for boys".

I absolutely love this picture! 
Eric wasn't too excited about drinking out of these little cups.
Anna sure was!

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