Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heading Outside

It is a beautiful day here and probably as soon as the girls are up from their naps, we're headed back outside.  "Just us girls" (as Anna put it) took a walk down the dirt road and over the bridge by the river.  It was so fun to hang out with my girlies.  We threw rocks in the river, watched the babooshkas lead their goats out to pasture, saw some kitties, puppies and ducks.  Definitely need to do that more often.  As I am typing, Sammy is giggling and playing with one of the girls' koala slippers.  I love his happy sounds.  Poor Eric is again sick in bed with a stomach flu.  We were thinking it could be something that he was eating or drinking, but Lina is sick as well.  Please be praying that he gets over it quicker this time and that it stays away.

Valentina came yesterday to watch the girls while I went with Eric to pass out tracts.  I ended up just sitting in the car most of the time because I couldn't really pass out tracts while holding Sammy.  It was still nice to just go along and when we got back, Valentina had brought a little bit more order to the home.  Between all of the sicknesses and the remodeling (THE ROOM IS ALMOST FINISHED!  I am SOOOOO excited!  Off the subject, so I'll talk more about that in a different post.), order has been a little hard to keep.  Don't know what I'd do without Valentina!

Well, my mind is very flitty right now and I hear the girls waking up, so I'll leave you with these few pictures.

 Anna pushed Lydia around for a while, then decided that it was her turn. 
But, Lydia gave up after a few tries.

Eric visited with Kristina's mom on Tuesday and on the way home picked me up these....

Five, beautiful red roses.  So beautiful that I thought they deserved a photo shoot.

He also found some information about an allergy/asthma clinic here in Kharkov.  Lina gave me the web site for it.  It looks (and sounds) pretty good.  I think my asthma is getting better, but will probably still try to make an appointment.

Lastly, I promise, Sammy's passport is ready and Eric is planning on picking it up on Thursday.

Well, heading outside to get me some fresh air!

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  1. Beautiful roses! May God strengthen you all physically and spiritually as follow Him and share Christ with others. Blessings!



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