Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scents from Home

Oh! The beautiful little reminders that God gives here and there to remind us that He loves us! As I sit here, the wonderful fragrance of wild roses fills my nose and brings with it the relaxing comforts of a home I once knew. They were a gift from a young lady named Olea. She sent them home with Eric after he visited with her, her grandfather and mother. Little did she know how much they would mean to me!

As long as I can remember, I have always lived in small towns. So small, that you could usually walk AROUND the whole town in about 1 hour. In moving to Kharkov, I not only find myself an ocean away from home with a different language and culture, but also in a big city. Especially now that summer is here, many times I long for clean air, a yard to play with the girls in, and a forest. I miss the soft, gentle sounds of the crickets, the sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks. I miss seeing the stars and the moon.

THEN, God touched the heart of Olea to pick a few flowers for me. Why are these particular flowers so special? The last home that my parents had before I was married had a wild rose bush in the front yard. In the summer, I could open my bedroom window and the beautiful fragrance would drift up in to my room.

Thank you Lord for reminding me of your tender loving care. In big cities or in small towns, in America or across the seas, HE is what makes a home HOME.


  1. Hi Jessica, I can imagine how you felt. When I lived in London after spending all my life in a small town one of the differences I noticed was that in the big city you could not smell the seasons. It smelt the same all year round which I found strange!

  2. Hello Jessica! I just came upon your wonderful blog for the first time! I is lovely! I wanted to invite you to come visit a site that I started earlier this year to provide resources, encouragement, and community to missionary moms. The site is God bless!


  3. Barbara, There definitely is a difference in smells! God has provided us a home in the village, so I'll get to plant my rose bushes.

    I have enjoyed looking through both of your blogs. Thank you for introducing yourselves.



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