Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Mom's Mission Field

After reading a few verses during family devotions, Eric stopped to explain to Anna that papa's heart has Jesus. She looked at him for a second, then said, "Papa's heart?" We said, "Yes. Papa's heart has Jesus." She then turned to me and asked, "Mama's heart?" "Yes. Mama's heart has Jesus." "Anna's heart?" she said seriously, yet questioningly. "No. Anna's heart doesn't have Jesus yet." She continued to do that, pointing at each of us...Papa, yes. Mama,yes...Anna, no. Lydia,no. Her seriousness about the matter and her questioning look as to why not Anna broke my heart. How I wished I could just "make" her saved too! I'm scared at even the possibility of her not believing in Jesus Christ. She is understanding so much more now...more than I ever imagined at this age! Oh, how sad it would be as a mom to see many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, yet to have our own children die and go to hell! What a HUGE responsibility God has given us! What a GREAT mission field! There are no furloughs. Every day we are either turning their hearts toward God or away from God. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed that God has put the care of these two precious little girls into my unworthy hands. I pray that there never comes a day when I devout so much of my time and energy into the many needs of the "mission field" that I forget the mission field right under my roof.

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