Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sugar-Gluten-Dairy Free

Now to answer the BIG question you've all had for us the past couple of months..."What do you eat???"  Well, for starters, those chocolate balls at the top. :)  Yes, they fit every one of those requirements, though sometimes when I am eating them I question the lack of sugar as they are very sweet.  As we were going through furlough avoiding pizza and all that good stuff (THAT was hard!), a sweet friend introduced us to raw truffles.  I don't really have a recipe for them, I just put raisins or dates (dates are better), soaked almonds, cocoa powder, and a little vanilla in a food processor and blend away until I have a nice dough.  Then I rolled the balls in coconut.  Mmmm!  I also tried a raw foods chocolate cream pie, but that was a little disappointing, so I will keep modifying it.  Next on my list is Thin Mint Brownies and my husband has a request for cheesecake-we've heard great things about that.  So, don't be feeling sorry for us.  We're all pretty happy....okay, I still have some cravings for York Peppermint patties once in a while, but maybe the brownies will help.  Well, guess this post will be short since my love is calling for me to make the brownies.

P.S. I sometimes cheat on the dairy. 

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