Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bible Club in Ukraine

 I haven't had the time to share with you what we have been doing lately, but this just could not wait.  This is something that is dearest to my heart - the children of Ukraine.  It has long been in my heart to do a Bible club, but, just like with David, it was not God's desire for us to be the first ones to start this.  God allowed us to purchase the building last year and we are just now getting it to a place where it is ready to be met at (thanks to the help of the White's filling in for us).  They decided to start a weekly-one day Bible Club at the house first, then a week long club on the church property later.  They will be meeting every week on Tuesdays.  Please be in prayer for these clubs and the Week camp (VBS).  Pray also for workers.  The Lord knows there is no other place I'd rather be right now, but in His time.  Below I have posted the email from Joyce White.  I know it will be a blessing to you. 
We had our first Bible Club yesterday and we were very pleased.  Lina was so excited!  We knew that we would have 5, prayed for 7 and prepared for 10.  We had 14 children and 2 grandmothers come. (We only invited children we knew - 4 all together- they invited their friends) Then with Mike, Lina and me we had a total of 17.  One thing Lina and I learned is that we will not be able to do Bible Camp without some help.  We are going to encourage Vala to take off work the week of Bible Camp and help us.  We are also going to ask Slava to help.  We are praying about asking one of our  friends from Kaliningrad to come help us.  She is a wonderful Christian young lady and is great with children.  She would be a big blessing if she can come.  All the kids said they would be back next week and would bring a friend.  We are making preperations for 20 - I hope that will be enough.  - By the way, I'm using a lot of your stuff.  I've almost used all the card stock paper you had here, plus a lot of the scrap booking paper for the crafts.  I'll replace as much as I can while we are home.  I plan to get as much as possible for the Bible Camp while we are home.  The main thing we need is visual aids for the lessons and some craft stuff.
The hope for your church to grow is in the children.  If you can win them, you can win their families.  Not only was Lina encouraged but Mike and I were too.  When we get back at the end of July we will spend more time trying to reach the children. We now have 6 families that we can visit! We believe that having the Bible Camp at the end of August will help to get children in Sunday School in September.
Got to run, I've got to get all the crafts organized and most of them cut out so things will go smoothly next week. 
In Christ,
Sis. Joyce


  1. So exciting, Jessica! We will be having our VBS next week! I love VBS!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the e-mail! Wow 14 children that is soooooo exciting!! We will be praying on Tuesdays.

  3. that is such great news!!! praise the Lord!!



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