Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Around Tennesse - part 2

After the aquarium, we went to Parrot Mountain...again - AMAZING!  There were verses everywhere, reminding us of our Great Creator.  Anna and Sammy loved it, but Lydia just wanted to stay in the stroller.  (Another blessing.  A sweet friend gave me a double stroller for Daniel and Sammy, but Lydia gets in it every chance she gets.)

The birds were BEAUTIFUL and the kids were amazed that they could talk. :)

We walked through the beautiful, peaceful garden...

and played by the falls.

Sammy is always ready to give kisses and I LOVE it.

Saw this and thought it would be perfect behind my house in Ukraine with my grape vines growing over it...

They had a section with a stable, 3 crosses and an empty tomb.  I had wanted to do something with this picture for Resurrection Sunday, but didn't have time.

The kids weren't brave enough to feed the birds, but they enjoyed watching Daddy do it.

They even had birds for sale, but it didn't look like this guy wanted to be sold.

Don't we have an Awesome Creator?!


  1. WoW! It is soooo beautiful there! Your little guy is getting so big! Beautiful pictures! Glad you are all able to make such wonderful memories on furlough.

  2. LOVE those pictures of you and Sammy!!!



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