Saturday, March 31, 2012

Church Advertising

Some churches play loud music, some hire clowns, some rent bouncy-thingys...our church?  They just let missionaries stay there.

And who wouldn't want to visit a church with a face like that? :)

Don't you feel bad for Eric? hehe
Don't feel too bad...he bought the water guns.

You can just tell by their faces they are enjoying this!!

She takes after her Mama! :)  That's my girl!  Get him!

I tried getting a picture of them all together, but it was pretty hard to get them to sit still.
Except for Sammy...he cracks me up!

And what was Daniel doing while his brother and sisters were soaking papa?
Playing with his new toy from the Dupree family. :)  We love you guys and LOVE the sandals and toys! 

I just added it up today, and we have been to 10 churches this month {2 missions' conferences and 2 revivals}!  I know we have the SWEETEST churches!  Our van is always overflowing with all of the gifts they are showering upon us!  We end up leaving wishing we had more time to visit and help them.  Each time we go into a church, we see so many needs.  Our hearts are burdened for the churches of America, we wish we could help, but we are not called to stay.  Furlough has been refreshing and it has been so nice to meet many of you and hear that you are praying for us.  I have been surprised by how many of you have prayed for us to be able to have children!! can stop now. ;)  Even with all of this, I am ready to go home.  I pray that this time in the states will only make me more useful for the service of Jesus Christ in Ukraine.

Мы любим вас Валентина, наша дорогая русская мама!!!!!


  1. I love the cuteness, and the short sleeves, sandals and water play! It seems like we still have a long way to go for that.

    I'm glad you can at least say that your furlough has been refreshing. Usually I think it's nice to see people, but just too exhausting to be anything like refreshing. (And we only have two churches to visit! Total.) I'll be praying for your heart. How much longer do you have until you plan to come home?

    1. I expected it to be that way too, but it has been pleasantly surprising. :) We are planning on returning to Ukraine around November.

  2. I love your verse on the bottom Jessica. I have it posted on my door as a reminder for everyday!! Be praying for a safe journey back to the Ukraine. Blessings to you and your family.

    The Ingersons

  3. Forgot to say I so enjoyed the family pics and keeping up with all you are doing. The kids must have had a blast squirting Eric!!

    Ginny Ingerson

    1. Thank you! That is my favorite verse. They had a blast!

  4. ok, that picture with Sammy posing is THE CUTEST PICTURE EVERRRRR! :)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, and I can see that some really fun memories were made! And that sweet Daniel is really growing too. :-)



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