Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ukrainian Thanksgiving trADDITIONS

Do you remember my Thanksgiving gift last year?  Well, this year Yuri and Christina brought something else that Ukrainians really enjoy...and unfortunately, it wasn't borsch.

As we were all getting ready to eat, Eric came up to me and whispered, 'Who brought the sandwiches?'  'Yuri and Christina...and you better eat it.'  We both knew that if we didn't, we'd offend them.  Soooooooo...we both lingered around the kitchen, eating slowly  looking for ways to hide and dispose of this delicacy, both of us knowing what the other was up to. 

'Are you going to throw it?'  I asked.  'Ummm.' was his reply.  'Well, if you find an opportunity you better take mine too!'

In the end, we ended up having to eat it.  What was this addition to our traditional Thanksgiving dinner?  It was...

A caviar sandwich

As each little ball burst in my mouth leaving a very salty, fishy taste I thought 'And they thought my potato soup was salty!' 

I can't complain too much though, because I know it could be much fact, I think last year's was worse.  I'm just thankful that our Thanksgiving meal didn't include bugs or something gross like that.

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  1. Ha! Well, you've certainly had your final initiation into Ukrainian culture!. :)



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