Wednesday, December 2, 2009

He was a Good Pig

Some of you know about how I was not looking forward to eating sala - raw salted pig fat. And for the first 2 years I have been able to avoid it, as no one has offered it to me. That has changed. Not only have I had to eat it on several occasions now but Yuri has also given me a nice big chunk of it that he himself preserved. I found ways to use it by putting it into soups and frying it with potatoes for breakfast (the Ukrainians would think I was crazy!). Tonight, not only were two pieces put on my plate (to be eaten with bread), but also a LOT of some type of salad with carrots, garlic and meat. Thankfully I had already finished about half of the salad when they told me what the meat was...pig's heart. Seeing my face, they all began to assure me that "he was a good pig". Next, I need to figure out how to eat my Thanksgiving gift...salted fish.

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