Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maine and Opportunities to Witness

Well, it has been a full week and next week will be even busier! The girls and I will be boarding a plane headed back to America on the 22nd. Before that, we will have an 8 hour train ride. We found out on Saturday about a missionary here who has to go back to America and Eric decided to send me back with her because of my health. Without the help of family, it wouldn't have been possible. Tickets have gotten so expensive and Anna is now charged almost full price for a seat. I know that they are all excited to meet the girls and I'm glad that they will get a chance. I'm excited to see family and friends, go to Walmart, and be able to DRIVE. It is so hard for me to get out and around too far from the house here because Eric is usually not home during the day and public transportation is not the easiest with two kids. The only downside is that Eric is not able to go with me. He cannot get away for 2 reasons: 1)there is no one else to take over the ministry and 2) we have to be moved out of this apartment by the end of August. He is going to be working like crazy to try to have it in a liveable condition by the time we come back on August 25th (that's so long to be away).

Besides working on the house, Eric has been very busy visiting with an elderly gentleman named Yuri. He is the father of one of our church members and has been very sick for a long time. Eric spent almost all day yesterday over there and also had a chance to ask Yuri about his salvation. Yuri said that he had repented of his sins and trusted Jesus Christ to save him. We are so thankful that we were able to hear that for we found out today that he died during the night last night. When someone dies, the funeral is done right away. Eric was asked to preach at the funeral and was over there most of the day. I was going to go to help by watching a few of the kids while the adults went to the cemetary, but Eric and Valentina said that it would be too much for me because of how sick I've been lately. Eric was also concerned that I might have an attack while watching their kids. Thankfully, today has been a very good day. Pray for the family and friends that were there. Many are not saved. Eric was able to pass out many books on salvation and he preached a salvation message.


  1. I hope and pray you will have a safe journey home and that you will regain your health!



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